Behind the scenes…

So…I just thought i’d update you all on the shoot…went really well…just working on the edit 🙂

Here are a few behind the scenes shots….oh and yes…thats me in the yellow jumper (hiding…)

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394a9c0b7b6d103e11281c798520c18d   a4f7b820a247f0e4584f6b6b94e10446

We have Alex (in the white top), our hair stylist,  we have our lovely assistants Emily (in the pink top) and Olivia (in the black top)…all the gals are from Kennedy’s Hair Salon in Essex and finally the stunning…Toma from Nevs Models 🙂

Big thanks to Kate too for make up…bootiful 🙂

Keep checking for the finished shoot in the next few weeks…can’t wait 🙂 xx


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