Attesa…with Elegant Magazine…

Hooray…our shoot with the beautiful Julia has finally been released, which means……ta dammmmm…I can share it with you 🙂

The shoot was inspired by classic beauty.  The idea of a woman waiting for her lover to arrive at the hotel but she keeps waiting and waiting and he never turns up… 😦

We wanted the shoot to have a feel of classic italian elegance, so the name we have given the shoot is “Attesa” which is italian for waiting.

Here are a few from behind the scenes and we have lots more coming soon…I am hoping to post a few videos soon…but thats far too exciting for now… 🙂

IMG_3916 IMG_3915ps…i think I will stick to being behind the camera…oh dear, ha

And finally…the main attraction…hold onto your hats…


Lacey Jayne Clements - Attesa - Elegant Magazine-1Lacey Jayne Clements - Attesa - Elegant Magazine-2 Lacey Jayne Clements - Attesa - Elegant Magazine-3Lacey Jayne Clements - Attesa - Elegant Magazine-4Lacey Jayne Clements - Attesa - Elegant Magazine-5Lacey Jayne Clements - Attesa - Elegant Magazine-6

Huge thanks to all the team, Julia, Lisa, Lydia, Boux Avenue and of course Elegant Magazine 🙂

Hope you like…please keep following me and I will do my best to post lots of new and exciting things for you 🙂



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