L’Oréal Colour Trophy…

So I am off to Dublin this weekend 🙂 so won’t be able to post on Sunday as normal 😦 but before I go though I have a couple of things to share…

The L’Oréal Colour Trophy is the longest running hairdressing competition in the world. It celebrates British hairdressing, beauty and fashion through innovative and unique styles.  They have some of the highest profile names in the hairdressing industry as judges and creative show presenters, guaranteeing that the world-renowned contest will live up to its name.


I’m very pleased to announce that our image has qualified for the next stage 🙂 and the hairstyle will be in the Eastern Regional Final on Sunday 19th March at Duxford, Imperial War Museum…so watch this space to see if we get any further…

Unfortunately, I cannot share the image that was submitted yet, as the full shoot is due to be published on 30th March with Jute Magazine 🙂 so of course I will share it then…but I can share a cheeky behind the scenes…


Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 00.13.24 1fab8dd80c028946748a76e2b729e41f

Thanks to Alex Garcia, Emily and Olivia from Kennady’s Hair Salon, our lovely model Toma from Nevs and lovely Katie for doing the make up :)…go team!!!

I have a few more exciting things coming up too so keeping checking my blog every Sunday (except this Sunday) for new content and updates 🙂

Have a snazzy weekend all 🙂


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