Oh what lovely hair you have…

So the lovely Julia, asked me to do another shoot with her and this time we decided we would go for something totally different from the classic elegance of the last one…so we tucked all of her luscious locks away and created something new and swanky 🙂

I really wanted to do a merge of 60s/70s with a colour pop but at the last minute we decided to keep it really simple and went for pastel and denim…


IMG_5199 IMG_5293 IMG_5196 IMG_5296 IMG_4998 IMG_5206 IMG_5203 IMG_5297 IMG_5294 IMG_5197 IMG_5200 IMG_5198 IMG_5201 IMG_5295 IMG_5292  IMG_5289 IMG_5195 IMG_5204


Although I am a HUGE fan of flash…I decided to shoot with natural light as I thought it would be a nice contrast to the colourful hair and make up and would be a little more raw…

Was a really awesome day and I have added a few snazzy behind the scenes shots to show you all whats coming soon 🙂

IMG_5310 copy IMG_5318 IMG_5393 IMG_5423

Thanks to the fab Julia, Charlotte and Katie…you rock my socks 🙂

Next time we have…70s at the seaside :)…see my blog next week for inspiration and behind the scenes…have a happy week 🙂


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