Just a little research…

So this week will be a short post about the research for my upcoming Mr Men project…

Little Miss Sunshine…

I have been gathering ideas for a colour palettes, costumes and doing a little location scouting…

IMG_6070 IMG_6131 (1) IMG_6077 IMG_6091 IMG_6076 IMG_6104  IMG_6063 IMG_6074


On my adventures on Saturday, I came across a beautiful field in, Pages Woods, full of daisy’s and buttercups, was really pretty and perfect for some of the looks…


Off the top of my head I am imagining…a pretty smiling red head in a puffball dress and knee high socks, gliding through the meadow on a vintage bike with her legs flailing and throwing huge foam words in the air from her bicycle basket saying “LAUGH”, “LOVE “, “FUN”, “SMILE” and colourful balloons being set loose simultaneously… (then the song…Sunshine Lollipop playing in the background to get everyone in the spirit of the shoot)

Just a thought anyway 🙂

A few ideas and colours for costume from the glorious Vogue UK…

IMG_6997 IMG_6988 IMG_6993 IMG_6994 IMG_6981 IMG_6984

I am seriously shocking at drawing but the next stage is to do some sketching of what I want to achieve, so wish me luck…

Until next time… 🙂


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