Catch Up Time…

Hello there…feels like ages since my last post… 😦

Last week, I was in Ibiza for my best buds beautiful wedding, so was unable to write but I am here now and have a few things to share :)))

First of all the WEDDING…it was stunning…on an island off the coast of Ibiza called Formentera…absolutely perfect day with the most beautiful bride…I want to go back now please 😦

Here are some lovely pics from the day…

IMG_6621 IMG_6635 IMG_6595 IMG_6638 IMG_6636 IMG_6626 IMG_6549 IMG_6591 IMG_6590IMG_6538  IMG_6634 IMG_6594

IMG_6637IMG_6596IMG_6554IMG_6556Childhood Sweethearts…after more than 13 years together they are finally…

Mr and Mrs Troop

So Happy…Love you both!!

Now of course being away, I have only just started editing the beach shoot with James and Angela…so will be a little while before it’s finished.  I have chosen the images and order and just need to retouch so very excited to do this and share the images with everyone :))

The Little Miss Sunshine shoot is still in progress.  We have a location which is Pages Woods…

IMG_6121 IMG_6070

I am now working with the lovely Steph to realise the style, theatricality, colours, costume and each scene…

We are shooting on August 9th and I could not be more excited!! Next Sunday I will start making props for the shoot and sketching the sets…woohoo!!

On another note…next Saturday…myself and my lovely friend Seigfred, have decided to do another shoot together before he leaves on his adventure, starting in the Philippines…

He will definitely be missed but I wish him a very happy and safe trip :)))

We are planning to do something real simple, summery and just have fun…here are a few ideas…

IMG_6679 IMG_6685 IMG_6680 IMG_6676 IMG_6684 IMG_6686 IMG_6675 IMG_6682 IMG_6677 IMG_6681 IMG_6678 IMG_6683

So watch this space to see how we got on in next weeks post…

Peace out all 🙂


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