1 week to go…prop scouting…

Okay so its almost here and I am finalising the details of the Little Miss Sunshine shoot :)…can’t wait to o it FINALLY!! So today, I got up real early and went scouting at a bootsale for props for my LMS shoot next Sunday.  I was looking for 4 items and found 3 out of the 4 which is pretty good I think…vintage luggage, a huge frame, stand and bike basket.  No bicycle basket as of yet but I still have time 🙂 IMG_8105 IMG_8104 I have decided to go simple on the location and then go wild with hair, make up, props and styling, so we are back to the lovely meadow in Pages Wood… Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 00.26.12 Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 00.26.03 The make up I am hoping for is very doll like, pink and rosey 🙂 and hair will be funky pigtails, buns and plaits…like the below ideas… Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 23.20.14 Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 23.21.51 Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 23.23.57 Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 23.24.08 Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 23.24.46 Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 23.25.06 Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 23.25.20 Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 23.25.39 Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 23.27.08 Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 23.27.37 So here we go…1 week countdown begins and lots of props to make…see you next week for BTS, wish me luck 🙂


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