I’m back…with some sunshine :)

Hello again…

Can’t believe it has been 6 weeks since my last post :(…but I am back now and it’s time for an update 🙂

The Little Miss Sunshine shoot on the 8th August is in edits now!! Was an awesome day and the fantastic team and I am really pleased with the outcome…can’t wait to share but for now, here are some fab BTS images, compliments of Miss Landy 🙂

IMG_8257  IMG_8222 IMG_8268 IMG_8280IMG_8213IMG_8277 IMG_8228 IMG_8256 IMG_8254 IMG_8241IMG_8278  IMG_8226 IMG_8210 IMG_8218 IMG_8276 IMG_8270 IMG_8239 IMG_8281  IMG_8259 IMG_8231IMG_8250  IMG_8261 IMG_8243


AMAZING TEAM…images in progress…there will be an extra element to this shoot too to help illustrate the story so watch this space…cannot wait 🙂

Next shoot in discussion – “Little Miss Twins”



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