One week to go…prep prep prep…

So I now have 1 week to go before my working world completely changes into hopefully a more free and creative one…

The last couple of weeks I have been on a mission to prepare myself for the challenge and I am getting very excited.  So far I have a few bits lined up and a few more things in the pipeline so watch this space and with a bit of luck and hard work it will all work out…

Recently I have been working on updating the still life section of my website as this in an area I’d love to progress further.  I have collaborated with a gorgeous NYC jewellery brand called Shashi to create some fab natural light and studio based still life shots which I am in the process of editing, so keep an eye out in the next few weeks and I will be sharing that.

Until then I have a few other fashion accessory shots to share so here they are and I hope you like…

Keep a look out for more juicy news as I am about to have a lot more things to do…



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