Living the blogger life…

So my first 2 weeks as a freelancer have been fab…I have been working lots and loving doing different things each day…(yay)…which is exactly what I wanted.  It’s also giving me lots more to write about on here, so keep your eyes peeled to feast on some juiciness over the coming weeks.

As you have probably seen from my posts over the last 8 months or so, I work with a few different fashion and lifestyle bloggers.  I started in November after a lovely lady and friend of a friend, Holly Jones from blog The Peoples Lane, asked me if I would do some street style shots of her for her blog.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know much about the fashion blogger scene and hadn’t done much street photography, so I thought yeh…why not, and off we went to London.  After the shoot we got some great feedback on the shots and had a few posted on some fab instagram feeds such as @streetstyleluxe and I thought, you know what, I really enjoyed that and thought maybe this is something I could do more of.  I started getting a few gals contact me about shooting and one of those lovely ladies was Abisola from YoursTrulyAbisola who is a dream to work with :)…super stylish…super elegant and seriously good at strutting her stuff to help me get some fab shots.  Heres the last instalment of Abi, with beaut clothes from @dorothyperkins @danielwellington and @virgoslounge


We are working together this Friday which I am really looking forward to…the day after my 29th birthday (boohoo) so will be a nice chilled morning shooting with a lovely lady :))



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