The gorgeous SHASHI…

A few weeks ago I gave you a little taster of the creative still life and jewellery I had been working on and now have the first batch ready to rock and roll…

The brand is called Shashi…they are a gorgeous dainty gold jewellery brand from NYC and are right up my street.

Shashi sent me lots of lovely samples which I shot in a few different ways still life flash and natural and the same on model.

So I wanted to share the images with you…

Shashi loved the shots (yay) and a few of the images have been used on their Instagram page.  Also, when I checked my emails this morning, there was an newsletter  from the fab Shashi with a few of my shots featured…

All in all super pleased and I have lots of new beautiful jewels in my collection too 🙂

I am currently working on my next set of images for them so hope they  will have the same success…

Stay tuned chaps….xx


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